Growing up was fun,we all had interesting childhoods, especially when you come from a large family house. Today we just want to give you a small reminder of how interesting that childhood was so sit back enjoy and pick out the ones you can relate with.


There can be only one” Lord of the remote” and he does not share Power.Everyone must watch voltron today.

remember when all the house in your neighborhood had cable satellite, except your house. so daddy finally brought one home, and it came with remote control. just one! in this house just one remote!.that’s wen you know who is the eldest in the house “casa la go burst”.



heeehheeehee… days of using plier to share the meat in order to defuse the conflict. All eyes on you.siblings will be like ” make we see who go collect the biggest”

After eating a good bowl of jollof rice, there is only one small piece of meat for you and your siblings, it takes courage, self discipline, technical ingenuity, and precision to make sure every one gets a taste. the fate of the house depends on you “merlin”…so much pressure


“wharis dis this earlier morning, i get test to write” who cares!! when nature beckons all other thing must be put on hold. “I must have a wonderful poo poo section”

Taking your bath in the morning  can sometimes becomes a nightmare especially when one of your younger siblings have taken baba dudu sweet or tofi and his tummy refuse to cooperate. you just woke up to nollywood saga.



PlayStation4 in existence since the 1980’s. “cherry seeds savers of fun”lol!

skiee skiee skilolo.. children of these days cannot understand the joy of this, too bad we didn’t figure out how to document our hall of fame.



forget what you were taught, this is the origin of chemistry. breaking bad the prequel. “everything must be equal”

when your parents brought home that enticing drink and they warned you not to touch it or else you will see yourself in the hospital, but you can’t just live another day without getting a taste of it. the alchemist in you must figure away to sip some and fill it back with water without the taste changing. kids be doing stuff like “mummy is a learner.”



shoki ahh shoki! shoki ahh shoki!

you were a genius, you just don’t know you have been doing the shoki dance! look how you invented a dance move that became popular decades later.



remember that action film you acted that nobody knows? well we decided to do a poster for you: THE BOY WHO RAN HOME

after your dad spotted you playing outside somewhere you shouldn’t be, you must run home through all the shortcuts to get home before him and pretend to be studying so he believes you have been at home all through(so he thinks its just his imagination ).but you forgot it was the Christmas cloth you disturbed him so hard to buy for you that you were wearing when he saw you …heehee “you don buy market”

starring: you,your father, your mother, and the belt.



what kind of wickedness is this

when you were sleeping peacefully and they woke you up to do the dishes. am i the only one in this house, can’t someone enjoy himself, cant i wash the plates tomorrow?



who needs nightmare, when you are awake

kung fu sleepers! I just cant wait to grow up…lol


our childhood shaped us to who we are now, both the good, the bad the ugly. you may never have gone to Disney land or some fancy children get away joy park, but looking back you will realize you had some nice memorable adventure no matter how small it was.

thanks for reading, remember to share your thoughts on the comment below. catch ya!



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