The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love.

yes, No, yes, No!. thoes simple words are enough to start a quarrel. conflict often arise from lack of understanding between two people or groups of people.

Disaggreements are not necessary bad, its how we handle them that results to something bad or quarrel. when disaggreements arise between two people it just simply means one person have an opinium different from the other, which often times happens because our mind are not programmed like a robot.

we see alot of siblings rivals and fights, bestfriends, co-workers, etc.. they happen alot, and are also resolved alot. so like wise with spouse, disagreements will always occur, the fact you’re in an intimate relationships and you share a deep bond doesent mean your mind are automatically in sync. do not expect your spouse to always know what is in your mind, or always understand you immediately. you will have to nuture some time in communicating what you want, mean , and feel to the other person in a way they understand you. and in cases where they don’t, well just let it pass!.

do not allow hatred to creep in, in times of conflict rather try to remember all the wonderful things your spouse have done and why you chose each other in the first place.

Times of conflict are times of eye opening, and fresh perspective of  what could be better and improved upon between the two of you. it doesn’t mean your spouse hates you, it just means things can be better, and love blosom in another dimension.

wish you a blissful renewal of love!



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have a great day filled with love.



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