Talking with one another is loving one another

Talking with one another is loving one another

please tell me more!. you have probably heard that alot, maybe just haven’t given it a hard ponder. alot of young couples dive into relationship bcos of the trill, social belonging, sexiness, sex etc.. some also think marriage is all about sex, that urge to rip each others clothes, drive each other crazzy and have fun fun fun.

while all thoes are cool and essential, talking takes more dominance and proprity. more than 90% of activities in a good relationship, involes talking or some mode of communication representing speech.

if you’re starting a relationship or are in one, and you guys hardly talk and communicate, share thoughts, enjoy each others presence for free, then you may have to give that relationship a hard thought. the trill, the sex, the romance comes second to talking.

you may say your spouse hardly talks, or for some your spouse talks to much.well talking in this sense is the quality of words and message communicated not necesary quantity.¬† talking in this sense also means listening, i will give you an example: you come back from work, and your wife welcomes you and say” lets talk”. in this case you know she doesn’t expect you to keep blabing, but rather listen and contribute where neccesary.

i know sometimes there isn’t just enough words to be spoken, or nothing to talk about. i urge you to try something different, create activities that will help you share together, develop interest in what your spouse does, be actively involved in things he/she loves, and you will find out you both have alot to say that isn’t said.


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