your moon might be that guy or girl just around the corner who right now isn’t all you imagine.

The media have done not so great job over the years in painting images of the perfect spouse to us all. we subconsciously seek that which is advertised to us, and in real sense it is all show business.

we see a James bond character with all fame and status, charms, good looks, bold, always say the right words, and don’t forget sexy!. that is a shining star to us, so shining it blinds us to the cool dude and girl who genuinely love and care for us with a bright future in progress(not compared to the movie star though).

someone once said, “the kind of spouse a lot of singles are looking for are the already married ones”. it takes effort to shape that man or woman you now fantasize about, and that effort was done by somebody like you, once in your shoes probably when he/she wasn’t much to write about.

so this season learn to value and love the moon who loves you, it may not sparkle like the star, but it sure brightens the dark.




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