well this seems tricky!

This is not to say that every tom, dick, and harry who comes around waving a ring is a suitable mate. far from it!.

just like in the movies, i have seen this a lot and i think it is a mistake many ladies make especially in their early twenties; the mistake of wanting more options.

A nice decent guy comes around a classic story of girl meet’s boy, they share lots of emotions, common grounds, interest and values, but when he decides to take it further his proposal is decline. why?!. for reasons; maybe he is not the perfect mate, or there is still someone out there good enough, or thinking time is on your side, and you need to catch lots of fun enjoy your life, and when you’re  bored you can easily find someone to settle down with.

ladies! the sad thing is life doesn’t always work that way. when you see someone you can build a future with and enjoy life together don’t hesitate. he may not meet up with all your criteria, and just like you he is not perfect but can be improved upon. you just might not find such love again in a long while, or never.

so make that decision to be committed to your love and see things to the end. no regrets!.



p.s, don’t forget to drop a comment, let me here your view on this and take the conversation further.


have a great day



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