The last US presidential election was a shock to many. Many are still wondering how did the winner pull this through. Even CNN spent days analyzing what just happened, they couldn’t just hide their shock.

So we have decided to save you guys the pain of wondering and show how it was  done. Enjoy,watch and learn!



Be a celebrity on TV

Start a reality TV show, let the people spend some good part of their time seeing a part of who you really are on TV.

But don’t go and overdo and start a bikini show o, my hand is not there.



Be a boss

Let the people know and see you as a big boss who can fire and hire anyone at anytime, especially on TV(see #1 above). It makes you look powerful.



Always keep your pants to yourself

sexual allegations is no joke. Make sure you have none brought  up against you, and if  there is any…. *cough! cough!* just simply denial it!.



Show the people the art of copy paste

No need to crack your head for a heart warming speech, just go online and steal a promise of greatness speech from an ex-president. And while you’re at it get one for your wife too. Internet is such a blessing.



Gut speech

Forget that nonsense of impressing the people with an emotional speech. just aim your speech straight to the gut.Who cares!



Simple fix

Give the people a simple fix, no complex promises. Make it simple even if it is unrealistic.



Declare war on your own party

Many have seen the incompetency of past leaders from your party. Declare war on your party, condemn their past action let the people see that you are not going to go the same route they did. You will change the status quo



Show all your ill-discipline

If they will slander you, you can as well slander yourself. Let the people see how real you are, and let them know what they see is what they get. you are not going to fake anything.



Get dirt

Get dirt or errors of your opponent to use against them. if you can’t get dirt, use the dirt your opponent’s former opponent once used. who says you can’t still laugh at old jokes.



Be the least disliked

Make sure its a contest of the disliked. You don’t have to make the people like you so much. Just make sure they dislike your opponent more so the victory goes to the least disliked.



Patience is a virtue

Be patient, give the other party enough time to be in office. People like change and most often don’t like the same version of what they already have no matter how good they had it.

while you are waiting, tell the people you are not going to run for a presidential post, then later run for it.(we do this in Africa all the time).



Be patriotic

Always sound patriotic. promise the people a restoration to a lost glory and war on enemies.



Never Ever give up

And  last but not the least… NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Do not listen to what the media says about and against you and also on what the majority says.

Just sell yourself and stick to the goal. victory will come as a surprise to others but not you.

We hope you are encouraged and inspired by this piece. Just so you know that in whatsoever you find yourself doing always apply a strategic principle.

cheers all!!!

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catch ya later!!!!


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