Na only you waka come(life of a lagos commuter)

Hi! everyone we will be uploading some series of blog post to make you laugh, inspire you, and educate you,so you remember life isn’t that bad just perspective. enjoy


mad max Lagos. this is how it feels like whenever i take commercial buses, better not to just step out of the house.

you just wonder if its an action film you’re watching or you are featured in one. especially when the driver and conductors are acting like stunt men for an action movie and you just walked right into its making. (heart go just dey mouth.I don buy market with this bus wey i enter today).


oh boy see squeezing like sardine, na the same amount we pay o. these conductors are evil,

these conductors don’t look at size or take weight measurement before loading passengers, i am sure they do these things on purpose just to get a comic relief. but sometimes self you just wonder Madam,Oga pay for two seat na!, don’t come and turn the average size to a less privilege


whenever a woman is the one causing traffic , this is what comes to mind. “let me do a little touch up before that car move”

That moment when all you can dream of is a free drive to the office, only for you to meet yourself in one serious traffic you will just be wondering is the universe against you. only to find out its one makeup session, or diet routine that is causing it. ladies sha anywhere and place is a make-up studio, no vex oh!


even beggars have more qualifications than you, “can i get a bite plzzzzz!

to even eat the regular gala inside a bus you have to be careful so as not to draw unnecessary attention(see what recession is causing).


keke drivers can not be intimidated . dey be doing the jumps since 1960s

the road rage and risk you see only to end with just a display of five fingers.”waka” mtcheeew what a let down.


just look away. pornograhy in broad day light. God help the kids

with all the Gra Gra not even small shame to do the number. why can’t you just be like your role model jack Bauer that never uses the toilet, haba consider the minors on the road too.


even at night commercial vehicles have interesting people. qualified bus doctors. heehee bringing drugs closer to your doorstep

if you ever board those long dirty buses, just get prepared. you will always find someone with a medicine to treat all kinds of diseases with emphasis on sexual performance.

In all you still manage to get home safe and when you think back on your day you just can’t help but laugh and appreciate the different types of people you met on the road.Lagos can be interesting.

hope you find some of this amusing, please do leave a comment and share some of your experiences, maybe we can do a picture of them hehehe!.

thank you


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  1. dave 4 October, 2016 at 18:25 Reply

    This is definitely a beautiful perspective of a normal day in lasgidis!!..very well captured in words and pictures!!..all this na true o…
    Pls maybe u guys need to add those agberos and pick pocketers for bus parks o!!..bad guys!!

  2. Amina 4 October, 2016 at 20:10 Reply

    Being in Lagos is so dramatic. You wonder if everyone is a born actor/actress. Brilliantly captured… Like the advise, add the agberos and hawkers, and lasman, KAI. U can never represent all the comedians in Lagos. They are just too numerous. Good one!

  3. Mustafa 4 October, 2016 at 23:36 Reply

    Very interesting dipiction of Lagos life on the road
    Madness every where. I can’t believe I survived it decades ago, although it wasn’t as bad then.

  4. Ona 17 March, 2019 at 04:43 Reply

    Do you have any suggestions for composing write-ups? That’s
    where I always battle and also I simply end up looking empty screen for very long time.

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