hi all!. I recently went to a leadership conference and found it enlightening, so I said to myself why not share this with my audience out there.

We are all influencers either good or bad.I hope you influence someone for good, because the more we achieve success in our fields the more we make more influence.

Here are some tips to boast your influence in your relevant fields. Enjoy!!!



Make relationship

Since its not stone you want to influence, go out there and make good and positive friends. Remember to be nice sha!, else you will get beaten for your trouble making.



Do not be self centered

Your true potential comes from first breaking out of self. help people around you who need help. don’t just close your two eyes as you walk about.



Mentor someone: deliberately help someone to succeed other than the person you see in the mirror

you may think you don’t have a lot to give but trust me there is something you have acquired all through your stay on earth that someone haven’t acquired. So go all the way to plant a positive seed into someones life. Remember changing the world starts from you.



Self boundary

Its all about setting boundaries around yourself so you can focus and achieve your purpose:knowing what to let in and out of you. Don’t be everywhere.



Time management

your time is precious and since you’re not the Flash, so better manage it well. no loafing around. Be time conscious, every seconds count.



Task management

Do everything given to you very well, and efficiently. Multi task if you have to as long you achieved a goal.



Efficient Resource Management

Without a budget there is no cure for waste. it is said you don’t grow big to manage wealth you manage wealth to grow big. Create a balance don’t spend on impulse



Have something of value

Money is simply an exchange of value. you can’t give me inferior product and expect superior money. when you are not made in china?



Follow your passion

There is always work to be done and a price to pay, doing something related to your passion makes the work fun and well… less work. Enjoy doing what you love doing and do it best. Somebody out there needs the service.



Develop character and competence

Talent is one thing, character is another. in this case character is more compulsory. if I can’t trust you to handle the little jobs why should I give you a bigger job.



Always prepare for crisis time

A good leader always assume a crisis is nearby and prepares for it. as long as you stay on earth somethings are inevitable.



Get wisdom

Get wisdom, and seek good advisers. that said i don’t mean that you should go to that Baba in the village o. my hand is not there.



Have a road map

Do You want to use a canoe to get to London?. a road map helps you get to where you want to go faster and better.



Have imagination

dream freely.you don’t pay money to dream. It is a free world so dream big.



Take risk

We all need to learn to fly. if you don’t take the risk you will not discover the things you can do. It will make you stronger.



Walk alone: Be willing to walk alone, and avoid pessimist

They that walk, walk with many, they that run, run with a few, but they that fly fly alone.



Believe in yourself

if you don’t believe in yourself why should I? tell me why?! why?! Don’t be intimidated. you are your own cheerleader.



Believe in God

Sometimes our own effort and understanding fails us, we need to trust in the infinite being and creator of all things to guide our way.

That said don’t go and be doing armed robbery and still be asking God for protection and blessing. you are on your own.



Smile always: life is not that difficult when you smile

smile smile, just don’t make it look weird. You burn calories when you smile. Someone needs that smile so keep it!



Be a doer

Do not be afraid to make a mistake always be a doer. The person who tries and fails have not failed but the person who fails and never try is the person who fails.



That’s it for today i hope you find today’s episode enlightening. My favorite is being a “DOER”. speaking of word DO.

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catch ya!!!



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