For those of you whom after graduating from the university had to leave your father’s house and obey the clarion call to serve your country Nigeria. Some things were not the way you expected right?. yeah I know.

So, we would like to capture some of those moments past to refresh your memory and give you a smile. Hang on as we ride.


Imagine the look on your face when you found out you are posted to the extreme end of the world.

what is this?

Why is my case like this, who did I offend. Why are my ancestors not rich?!



The way your family send you fort as if you are going on exile. You can’t even cry!

Families are funny sha…

Mama please is not far na,  shebi it just yobe here… After all, is it not you that send me to  school..Can’t I just go in peace!!!



After all the toughness you suddenly realize all the good things you left behind you.Guy abeg park well…did i tell you am hungry

This is beginning to look like a journey of no return, are we there yet?. Father lord have mercy on your daughter.



At last finally!  Nysc here I come!

when you realize it’s not as bad as you first thought. The camp look nice from the entrance

meehn! its gonna be fun  here! I can’t wait to unleash



When  getting your kit is no joke… the next thing is to hug your bed like your whole life depended on.

After the day struggle and you want to sleep like there is no tomorrow

Omg!!…Am so tired.  Please welcome me to the dreamworld



heehee…morning shocker!. When you think you are still in your father’s house.  Chaiii who send me come here!

when sleeping becomes a nightmare on your first day

Can you imagine? I just close my eyes for 5 minutes. what kind of nightmare is this na?

Is not fair ooo, this is pure wickedness!!!



jungle ninja bath: Bathing in the kung-fu way, i am trained for this…..hidden things are important!

Bathrooms can be messy if you dont get there after a clean up

“its not me that will bath in that kind of dirty bathroom, i rather risk the open skies. I cannot come and kill myself!



Biko!! are we not in the same camp or is it only me that wore the cloths that government gave us? This looks like intimidation, must you flaunt it???

When you see the way some ladies dress you cant help but wonder “please sister which brothel did you buy your uniform kit”… you just want clarity on where they got their own kit from.



They didn’t send me to come and fight war please. “doing press up is not my hobby”

you came late to the parade ground and the camp marshals thought doing press ups is a good punishment for you. “aahhh….oga its not everybody that have iron bone o!



At last…first time selfie on the parade ground. i like those cool friends, that just want to appear on every selfie you take like MTN “Everywhere you go”

Finally! after all the drills you were able to get a selfie of you and your friends.  you feeling like- “yeah this is what i came for”



Haba!! but this is not what the government promise us na ….I am going to fall sick

When you thought you are entitled to three course meal and you were served something else.   Is this food?. how did the cow meat we saw turned to fish, what kind of miracle is this?



Sure….there is plenty things happening in the other room o!

When you see things that are not meant for the eyes…”ladies please because of ordinary posting, have some small dignity biko” for the sake of other ladies like you.



wharrisdis!! This is not what i bargained for, this must be the work of that mama in the village.

After joining all the activities on camp plus prayer meetings, and you saw something else on your posting letter.  Really!!! Nysc no try at all “even in the ends of the earth they still send me to the farthest corner”.

The truth is, service year is always fun. You get to meet different people from different places  with different attitude. In all you are still going to have fun, learn and explore.

I had a wonderful service year, I don’t know about you.

Find out which of these triggers memory and drop your comment below!





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