Artist making a living in africa #02

To my younger self, as you grow in your pursuit you will come across people who wants to use that special gift of yours for no equivalent value. do me one thing, avoid them!. exposure credit is no credit at all, you can’t buy food with exposure, you can’t pay the electric bills which you use so often with exposure credit.

they all sound tempting and usually like this: ‘ ah! just do this job for me I will link you up to bigger clients and my top friends’. the one that cracks me up the most sounds something like this ‘ I have 100,000 followers on instagram if you do this work for me I will introduce you to my fans!. doesn’t that sounds like a blackmail already? the sad fact of this is these folks pay the bartender for drinks, chef for food, the tailor for clothes they wear, tickets, gas, you name it, but when it comes to art they believe it should be done for free. do one thing, avoid them!

also as you grow to be more professional, learn to set your price. you will soon find out that the people who always expect art to be free or people who are so cheap they pay very little(almost nothing) are more expensive than you think! they always have unrealistic expectations so any job you do for them always have a hidden agenda, you have to be prepared to spend a huge chunk of time adjusting, redoing, making last minute changes that run for months. time is precious so go with someone willing to pay you for that. you will soon notice the clients who pay well and are satisfied have no trouble referring you to someone and most often will like to pay you more next time for the value you give to them.

it gets better and clearer as you grow


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